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Russia Car Rental - Car Hire Price Comparison

Russia car rental offers you the option to compare all major and independent car rental suppliers and to book your car rental in real-time online. We offer rental cars in all major cities of Russia and you can save up to 40%.

Russia Car Rental shows a price comparison of all the leading car rental providers including Sixt, Europcar, CarTrawler to find you the very best deal on your car rental.

Use our Russia car rental quote system and in 2 minutes you will have a comparison of all providers in Russia. Then choose your preferred car rental agency and car hire rate. We offer a great range of vehicles at every destination from cheap economy cars through to luxury convertibles. Start now and simply complete the form for an instant online quote.

Explore Russia with a rental car

Russia, as a country, is a good choice as a tourist destination or for travel junkies. Aside from its rich historical background, there is a lot to indulge in with respect to their culture and sights. It is after all the largest country in the world.


The most famous places in Moscow include, the Red Square which is home to the Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum and St. Basil’s Cathedral. It would be a good idea to begin your visit at the Red Square to make it easier to navigate the streets of Moscow.

Lenin’s Mausoleum houses the body of Vladimir Lenin so it would be nice to make a stop here to pay your respects. St. Basil’s Cathedral was built in the 16th century and has become more like a landmark in the country owing partly to the unique shape of its dome.

St. Petersburg

This city was built in the 19th century supposedly as competition for the capital of Europe. The best places to travel to here are, The Bridges, The Hermitage, MariinskyTheater and the Summer Palace. For art lovers, The Hermitage would be the ideal place to visit given its rich art heritage consisting of collections of up to three million. It is one of the oldest art galleries in the entire world.

The Summer Palace which belonged to Tsar Peter is also a museum that has been well preserved over the years. The name Summer Palace is due to the fact that it was built was for habitation only in the summer time.

St. Petersburg has numerous bridges and there’s a lot for the eye or the camera to see when it comes to the diverse bridge designs. MariinskyTheater is famous for its opera and ballet and was the stepping stone for many major classical musicians.


This part of Russia is largely underdeveloped and experiences wintry conditions for most of the year. The best places to visit in Siberia are Novosibirsk and the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Novosibirsk also stands for new Siberian city given that it was founded in the late 19th century. It is one of the most populated cities in Russia.

Moscow is connected to Vladivostok thanks to the Trans-Siberian railroad. This particular railroad is definitely worth a visit because it is the longest in the world.

Travel and car hire tips for Russia

Russia is without a doubt one of the best vacation spots in the world due to the guaranteed adventure. Due to its large size, the best way to tour the country is through car hire. Car hire allows you the luxury of touring at your own pace and time. There are a lot of options depending on who you are travelling with. For example, if you are travelling with family there are vans or SUVs available for hire at very affordable prices. There are numerous online booking services that allow you to hire a car beforehand. Online booking services are very convenient to use and also allow you to compare and pick the most cost friendly car hire agency.

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